Parents and children’s world of social media

Hillary Yip, Joey Law (MinorMynas)

Why social media is so attractive to young people? What do children need to pay attention to when using social media? How can parents respond? Let's take a look at how the young CEO Hillary and her mother Joey say.

Gamers Assemble!

Ryan Chow (HK E-Sports Association)

What makes Ryan from a young gamer to the leader of E-Sports of HK? What tips does he have for young people who love gaming? Let's take a look at this interview.

3 Steps for parents to protect their children from cyber risks and promote online safety

David Ng (eHelp Association)

Nowadays, children and young people have been adapted to the life with Internet’s applications. It brings about convenience to the new generation in terms of communication and personal learning. However, there are also various online challenges drawing our attentions. Cases related to the online well-being of children and youth could be discovered.

General Internet Safety Tips for Families

Lam Chi Kin (Trend Mirco)

The Internet is now an integral part of everyday life for most people. And within a short period of time, it has evolved from simply being a tool for accessing information and conducting communication and commerce to becoming a signify cant venue for social activity and interaction. For many young people who have never known a world without the Internet, it is also a vehicle for self-expression, a source of entertainment, and a creativity and distribution tool unimaginable by previous generations.